Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Turtle Neck

This jumper has to be the warmers thing i ever worn, thanks to http://www.nastydress.com who sent me this lovely thing and my life is sorted.
This is how i would style this jumper,
of course there is so many ways you could style it but this is just my way of doing it and an inspiration for does who are having a hard to time of what to wear with it.
For me this jumper is very easy to style and so comfortable to wear.
I'm so happy that its warm enough to actually wear it alone without any jackets!.

Cap : Ebay
Black Over Sized Turtle Next Jumper :
Diy Ripped Jeans : H&M
White Tote Bag : DIY
Adidas : Thrifted
Fur Coat : H&M
Black Jeans : H&M

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Been lusting after this 2 skirts for so long and 
when Elite99 kindly sent me this i was so excited.  
They are also very cheap.

I didn't realised that the 2 skirt fit my body so well, 
they have a great sizes specially for a petites like me.

If you do live in a cold places (like here) you can also wear tights or leggings to keep yourself warm enough or even add more layers but i decided not to because i think it looks great without it but if i do wear this out i would put more layers.
This first outside its mostly for a night out so i won't add any layers, just a nice warm coat.
You can also wear this skirts in so many ways but i decided to style it this way.

This is just to give you an idea how you can style this skirts and how i would style it.

First Outfit
Leather Cropped Jacket : H&M
Black Body Suits : By Me (DIY)
Black Boots : H&M
Necklace : Claires
Pleated Tennis Skirt :  

Second Outfit
Top : The Kooples
Leather Cropped Jacket : H&M
White Converse : Thrifted
Bag : Milanoo.com
Red Structured Pleats Mini Skirt :

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Fur : Nastygal
Silk Top : Thrifted
Disco Pants : American Apparel 
Dr Martens Boots : Office

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hat : H&M 
Playsuit : Miss Selfridges / Thrifted
Bomber Jacket : Topman
Dr. Martens Boots : Office

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Yesfor.com is an asian company that sales items for a very good price.
They kindly sent me a few items for me to style.
And this is how i would style it.
If you want to get those items go and check them out, it is worth it

Bindi : Ebay
Black And White Maxi Skirt : Thrifted/DIY
Dr Martens Black Boots : Office

Cat Eye Sharp High Pointed Sunglasses : 

Gold Rivet Studs Tassels Choker Necklace Chain : 

PU Leather Triangle Pouch Bag : 

Bindi : Ebay
Orange Bralet : Urbanoutfitters
White Sheer Crop top : Topshop/DIY
Black Sheer Cardigan : Vintage 
Calvin Klein High Waisted Jeans : Thrifted
Black Heels : H&M

Skeleton Hand Necklace : 
Cat Eye Sunglasses : 
PU Leather Triangle Pouch Bag :